Apple launches self-service program for iPhone users in the US

Apple launches self-service program for iPhone users in the US

First announced in November, Apple now sells and rents parts to customers looking to get their iPhones repaired.

In a blog post, Apple describes the program, which is exactly what was previously announced. You can now visit the online self-service shop to read repair manuals and order tools and ports. The store is only available in the United States for now, but will roll out to other countries later this year. According to Apple, the first additional countries will be in Europe.

The parts available now are designed to repair the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 line, as well as the latest iPhone SE. Tools, manuals and parts for Macs with Apple Silicon will arrive later this year.

To begin the process, Apple says you must view the repair manual for the respective product on the repair store’s website. (You will be required to enter the identification number from the manual at the time of purchase to complete the transaction.)

After that, you can browse the store and order any parts or tools. Apple also says you can get credit when you return certain replacement parts for recycling.

All of this is to say that you may find that buying tools is expensive. But Apple will also offer weekly tool rental kits for $49 with free shipping.

With a rental option, self-repair is probably cheaper than going to a repair shop if you have the skills and knowledge to fix your device safely.

However, most people don’t, and when doing this repair, you’re responsible for any damage you may cause, not Apple. For this and other reasons, Apple says it’s still best for most people to go to a repair shop or an Apple Store if possible.

The new parts and tools store marks a significant departure from Apple, which has historically discouraged users from repairing their devices. With calls for right-to-repair legislation growing, Apple is opening the floodgates – but not much, not completely. As iFixit points out, including product IDs in the process means Apple retains a lot of control over how users can service their devices.

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