Before Imgur’s shutdown, Reddit accepts Obscene desktop image uploads

Before Imgur’s shutdown, Reddit accepts Obscene desktop image uploads

After Imgur’s ban and purge on May 15, you can stop worrying about how you’re going to submit pornographic photographs from your desktop to Reddit. As reported by TechCrunch on Thursday, Reddit began enabling the uploading of NSFW (not safe for work) photographs from desktops to communities restricted to users aged 18 and over.

This now offers us feature parity with our mobile applications, which (as you know) already have this capabilities, according to Reddit’s post on the r/modnews subreddit.

Imgur, a website that hosts photographs, has said that as of May 15 it would no longer accept content that is nudist, pornographic, or otherwise explicit and will remove any such images.

Imgur has a lengthy history of presenting a wide variety of high-quality photographs, so the anticipated impact is remarkable. It is noteworthy to Redditors who occasionally post inappropriate content. Several users continued to use Imgur for their demands in explicit pictures even after Reddit started enabling direct image uploads in 2016. Imgur had been the «primary destination for NSFW Reddit image submissions, as Reddit didn’t allow explicit uploads from the desktop,» according to the developer of third-party Reddit client Apollo, who was informed of Imgur’s impending ban. Reddit will take over the capability, giving its desktop users a choice as Imgur prepares to conduct a massive cleanup (including of inactive content not linked to Imgur user accounts).

In an effort to control how sexually explicit content and groups on Reddit are found and viewed, Reddit declared in April that it would «block access to adult content via our Data API.» A Reddit admin responded this week when asked if permitting explicit picture desktop uploads meant users would be able to submit photos using the API that Reddit is «currently considering.»

The developer of Apollo reacted by claiming that the ability to access NSFW subreddits «in some capacity» would satisfy the developer community.

Nonetheless, anti-porn organizations like The National Center on Sexual Exploitation won’t appreciate Reddit’s new stance (formerly Morality in Media). As Vice reported earlier this month, the group was already calling on Reddit to update its policies. This included enacting «strong policies against hardcore pornography and sexually explicit content, due to the inability for Reddit to ever sufficiently verify the age or consent of people depicted in such content» and to «ban users who upload sexually explicit ma

Reddit’s largest stakeholder is Advance Publications, which also controls Condé Nast, the parent company of Ars Technica.

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