Football Manager 2024 Mobile Vs PC & Consoles: Which Is Better?

Football Manager 2024 Mobile Vs PC & Consoles: Which Is Better?

Football Manager 2024 is available on quite a few different platforms and ever since the release of its launch trailer, many are wondering about the difference between its mobile and PC & console versions. The latest installment in the strategy game series developed by Sports Interactive offers even more competitive stakes for the players. You will have to micromanage everything as the manager and build a world-class team ready to take down your rivals.

While you will find the most basic features available with each platform, there are some that make the difference. For players knowing which is the better version would be key to experience the game at its fullest with all the modes and features. Having said that, since the game has recently been released on all platforms, here are all the differences that you would come across in the mobile PC and console versions of the game.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile Vs PC & Consoles

FM24 Mobile Vs PC & Console Versions
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There are a variety of differences between the mobile versions and the PC & console versions of Football Manager 2024. These mainly include modes, features, compatibility, mechanics, etc in the game. Here is a list of all of them for a better understanding:


  • While the Apple Arcade mobile version offers almost the same modes in Football Manager 2024, the Netflix Games version misses out on a few with just including the Career Mode, Challenge Mode & Create-a-Club. Having said that, both the mobile versions miss out on the online modes in the game.
  • The PC and console versions consist of all the offline as well as online modes in the game. The console version also consists of the additional Challenge mode on the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Football Manager 2024.


  • The mobile versions on both platforms are optimized for the devices and are even more streamlined than the PC and console versions. There is also a 30-season limit and game slots in these versions.
  • The PC & Console provides a full experience from tactical control to in-depth scouting in Football Manager 2024. And while the console version has a more streamlined responsibility, if you are looking to micromanage everything then the PC version is your best bet.


  • The Netflix Games version doesn’t provide players with a save game compatibility to transfer saves from FM23 to FM24, while the Apple Arcade version does. It also doesn’t have cross-sync compatibilities like the Apple devices via iCloud.
  • Both PC and console versions have save games as well as cross-sync compatibilities to transfer save files.

Which is Better?

The PC and console versions of Football Manager 2024 offer much more modes, features, and compatibility than the mobile version. However, the Apple Arcade version does come close to providing a more streamlined version while also giving a proper experience.

While there is no better version as each platform has its advantage, if you are looking to have the fullest experience then the PC & Console version is the one you should go for. And even in between them, the PC version provides everything except the additional challenge mode.

However, the mobile versions are more streamlined and optimized for portability for Football Manager 2024. And if want to have it easygoing and don’t want to micromanage everything from tactical control to scouting then the mobile versions have a great advantage. Both version comes with a dedicated subscription to the platforms which is an added advantage. The Netflix Games version misses out on the same count of playable nations and players as the Apple Arcade or the PC & Console.

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, we recommend you go through our dedicated Video Game Guides section on Gamer Tweak.

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