How Many Storm Zones/Circles Exist In Each Match In Fortnite?

How Many Storm Zones/Circles Exist In Each Match In Fortnite?

The most crucial component in Fortnite is Storm Zones and Circles. Competitive Battle Royale participants typically consider the Storm Zones as they plan their strategy for each match. Casual players must also exercise caution because the Storm might rapidly deplete their Health. So, you might be wondering how many Storm Circles you’ll need to make it through to win. In our guide below, we address the question of how many Storm Zones there are in a Fortnite match.

In a Fortnite match, how many storm zones and circles are there?

Every Fortnite match from this point forward will have 12 Storm Zones or Circles. The nine Storm Circles were a familiar sight to many Fortnite gamers. Nevertheless, in the most recent Chapter 4 Season 2 update, Epic Games added three additional Storm Zones. Even with the 12 Storm Circles, the Fortnite match length won’t change.

For something as important as Storm Circles, this is a major alteration. The zones’ duration and size have also been altered. Thankfully, the Storm causes less harm than before. For the first five Zones, you will only take 1 DPS from the Storm Circles. The DPS, duration, and other values for each Storm Zone are listed below:

ZonesGrace PeriodShrink Time

Storm DPS (Damage Per Second)

Zone 060s
Zone 1120s120s1 DPS
Zone 290s90s1 DPS
Zone 3105s90s1 DPS
Zone 490s90s1 DPS
Zone 560s60s1 DPS
Zone 660s60s2 DPS
Zone 760s60s5 DPS
Zone 845s45s8 DPS
Zone 930s45s10 DPS
Zone 100s40s10 DPS
Zone 110s40s10 DPS
Zone 120s60s10 DPS

That is all there is to know about the number of Storm Zones and Circles in a Fortnite battle. Since you’re here, you might be interested in learning more about the locations of Timber Pine or how to acquire the Mega-Brella. Visit our Fortnite area for more guides like these.

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