How to Cure Link & Retrieve Hearts in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Cure Link & Retrieve Hearts in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

It is crucial to understand Link’s healing abilities in Zelda: TOTK as you battle the monstrosities of Hyrule. On your left are red hearts, which represent your maximum health. Yet as you finally fight in various encounters, failing to heal quickly could result in Link losing the game. If you unintentionally fall from a height, you could also lose every heart you have. But how do you mend your hearts and regain your health? It is a rather straightforward process, albeit the game doesn’t really explain it all. To learn how to heal Link in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, consult our guide.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom how to heal Link

In Zelda: TOTK, you can heal in a variety of ways. Consuming varied foods is one of the quickest ways to heal Link and replenish your heart. After looking through the list of food recipes, you may get a decent notion of the dishes that promote cardiac rehabilitation. To prepare robust meals over a fire or in a pot, you need to farm the food ingredients in addition to understanding the recipes. Moreover, Link’s health can be recovered by crafting some elixirs.

But that’s not all; there are other ways for you to mend your hearts. These are all of the Zelda TOTK methods for restoring Link’s health:

heal link zelda totk

Spend time in bed

While lighting a fire to skip time is simpler and more practical, sleeping in bed offers more advantages. You might regain your lost health or heart when you rest and sleep on a bed. At practically every Hamlet, town, settlement, and outpost in Hyrule, you can find beds. Nonetheless, spending the night in bed often costs 20 Rupees. So start gathering rupees to pay for beds in every nook and cranny of Hyrule.

But, the Emergency Shelter at Lookout Landing is where you should go if you want a place to rest for nothing. You can pass the time there at the moment that suits you most.

Finished Shrine Puzzles

how to heal link zelda totk tears of the kingdom

Clearing and finishing the Shrine riddles in Zelda TOTK is another means to restore Link’s health. Although they can be a bother, Shrine tasks can completely heal Link’s hearts. In order to repair the damage, you can take on the tasks. Tukarok, the Sahirow Shrines, and the undiscovered Zakusu Shrine rank among the hardest tasks for me. While completing these riddles is difficult and dangerous, it can improve your health.

You can also obtain a Heart container or a Stamina vessel after receiving the Light of Blessing from a statue. Depending on your preference, this could raise the maximum cap for either your hearts or stamina.

Fairy Auto-Revive

Fairies can instantly restore Link after he loses his last heart, but they can’t totally heal you. So, fairies can rapidly revive Link if he keeps dying while defeating Phantom Ganon or Gloom Hands. Moreover, these fairies guard Link against unintentional Fall Damage death. Just take note that it only replaces your most recent Heart. Once you are conscious, you can eat a variety of foods to complete your recuperation.

Remember to wear a Gloom Resistant Armor when exploring the Depths or other gloom-infested places in addition to the ways mentioned above. This is due to the Gloom’s ability to continuously drain your health and reduce Link’s maximum hearts.

That concludes our discussion of Link’s healing in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to visit other articles, and more Legend of Zelda: TOTK guides.

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