How to Make Zelda TOTK Opponents Confused

How to Make Zelda TOTK Opponents Confused

With the aid of a flower, you can confound your opponents in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Many novel fighting techniques, like Blinding, Critical Hits, and others, are present in this game. You can pick your weapons and create unique strategies to annihilate the game’s many foes. Confusion-based strategies can give you the upper hand when facing a large group of adversaries or a powerful boss. You’ll learn how to cause confusion in ToTK by reading this guide.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How to Trick Enemy

Use Muddle Bud flowers to confuse enemies in ToTK
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In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you might confound your adversaries by:

  1. Find the Muddle Bud flower, then take it.
  2. After that, approach an enemy or group of adversaries.
  3. The flower will explode and generate a cloud if you throw it at them.
  4. In this cloud, enemies will become disoriented and start battling one another.
  5. To mislead your opponents from a distance, you can even fasten the Muddle Bud flower to an arrow.
  6. It will have an AoE effect when fused with arrows.

All you have to do to perplex your adversaries is that. If you’re up against a lot of foes at once, confusion is very powerful. You can concentrate on dispatching them because they’ll fight among themselves. Moreover, strong opponents will eliminate the minions themselves if you hit them with the Muddle Bud. The four little clouds on their heads can make foes puzzled.

Muddle Buds Locations in ToTK

As they are so potent against foes, it is difficult to find these blooms. You must enter the Depths, the map’s subterranean region, to locate Muddle Buds. You must descend chasms like the one in the Lanayru Wetlands at locations in order to enter the Depths (1720, 0140, 0031). While inside, search beneath the large trees for Muddle Buds and Bomb Flowers.

That concludes our discussion about Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s foes and their confusion (ToTK). While you’re here, look over our Legend of Zelda area for further combat instruction, including how to use the Perfect Guard.

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