How to Obtain Ironsing: Deepwoken (& All Ores)

How to Obtain Ironsing: Deepwoken (& All Ores)

With this special attunement, you can control metal, most notably the metal rods, once you unlock and obtain Ironsing in Deepwoken. As you discover this power, a vast assortment of skills and mantras become available to you. Nevertheless, obtaining this attunement necessitates meeting some conditions and obtaining a specific alloy. As a result, you might need some assistance to unlock this attunement. Don’t worry; you can find all the locations of metal ore in our guide on how to unlock and obtain Ironsing.

Finding Irons in Deepwoken

how to get ironsing deepwoken
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Go to the blacksmith in Miner’s Landing once you get the alloy. Rudral, the blacksmith, will point you in the direction of Adar’s location on the second bridge of Ignition Union Base as soon as you start interacting with him.

Now take the actions listed below to obtain Ironsing:

  • Head to Adar’s place by heading to the Giant balcony with different towers in the Miner’s Landing.
  • After you have reached a dead-end, jump on the wooden planks of a tower to your left.
  • Take a left and drop down the wooden planks until you see a narrow window.
  • Head inside through the window and drop down.
  • Then, take a right and drop down again, to get to Adar’s lab.
  • As soon as you interact with Adar, the Ironsing trainer, he will task you with finding six ores. They are as follows:
    • Iron
    • Gold
    • Erisore
    • Irithine
    • Astruline
    • Umbrite
  • Head over to Adar’s lab after finding all the above six ores.
  • You must talk to Adar and hand him over the found ores.
  • Finally, he will reward you with the Alloyed Elixir that you can find in your Inventory.

After ingesting or consuming the elixir, the Ironsing will become available in your Attunements section. You can now use a variety of skills, mantras, and talents thanks to the power of Irongsing attunement. To view the complete list, scroll to the bottom.

how to get ironsing deepwoken

But, if you were unable to locate the six metal ores necessary to obtain the Alloyed Elixir in Deepwoken, here is where you can do so:

The Location of Every Ore (Locations)

All the Metal Ore places to free Ironsing in Deepwoken are listed below:

  • Iron: Can be found in almost every cave.
  • Gold:
    • Can be found in Songseeker Wilds Caves at the Miner’s Landing.
    • You can also find Gold in one of the Viper’s Jaw Caves near the Bandit Camp at Lower Erisia.
  • Erisore: Can be found inside the Tomb of the Nameless Warrior and the Entropy Catalyst near the open entrance of The Hidden Village.
  • Irithine: Can be found at the Reservoir Cave under the Burning Stone Gardens.
  • Astruline: Can be found under Starswept Valley or inside the Songseeker Caves.
  • Umbrite: Can be found only in the Depths region.

All mantras of Ironsing (Abilities)

Combat Mantras

  • Metal Eruption: 40 Ether
  • Needle Barrage: 20 Ether
  • Metal Kick: 20 Ether
  • Metal Rain: 50 Ether
  • Calltroops: 50 Ether
  • Metal Arnament: 20 Ether
  • Firing Line: 40 Ether
  • Metal Galting: 50 Ether
  • Iron Slam: 40 Ether

Mobility Mantras

  • Metal Rampant: 50 Ether
  • Metal Ball: 40 Ether

Support Mantras

  • Iron Skin: 20 Ether Price.

All Ironsing Talents

For Ironsing, there are primarily four masteries or talents in Deepwoken. As soon as you receive this attunement, the first Ironsinger abilities will become available to you. But, you must gather Metal resources in order to access further talents.

Well, here’s how to acquire all of Ironsing’s abilities:

  • Ironsinger: Unlocked as default.
  • AdeptIronsinger
    • How to Unlock: 20 Metal
    • Unlocks: 1-star Ironrising Mantras
  • ExpertIronsinger
    • How to Unlock: 30 Metal
    • Unlocks: 2-star Ironrising Mantras
  • MasterIronsinger
    • How to Unlock: +5 Health on using the Ironsinger talent.
    • Unlocks: 5-star Ironrising Mantras

All there is to the process of bringing Ironsing to Deepwoken. If you enjoyed reading this guide, be sure to for further Roblox guides for other games.

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