How To Repair Warzone 2 Game’s Inability to Move

How To Repair Warzone 2 Game’s Inability to Move

Free battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone 2 by Infinity Ward is accessible on PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This follow-up has given users a better experience and hasn’t let them down.

Yet, this game frequently causes people difficulties and has bugs and glitches. After completing a particular job in the game, one of them is unable to move. If you experience the same issue, it will annoy you undoubtedly.

So don’t worry; I’ll show you how to quickly cure the Warzone 2 can’t move in game bug right now.

Repair Warzone 2 Game Can’t Move

It will annoy you to be unable to move when playing Warzone 2. To keep enjoying the game, you should be aware of how to get rid of this.

The issue and this error are caused by a few different things. That was covered below, and you ought to refrain from doing it.

Other than those trigger locations, there are a few additional things you can do to fix the problem and resume normal game movement.

I’ve listed five strategies below with clear explanations so you may quickly grasp them and use them to achieve your goals.

1. Start the game over

The best way to deal with any brief malfunction or glitch is to restart your computer because it provides all of your data and programs a new start and immediately fixes problems.

Thus, you should immediately shut the game and remove it from the taskbar anytime you become stuck in it. Restart the game later, and you’ll be able to move normally in Warzone 2 once more.

2. Avoid Using Drones

Even though starting over is a wonderful fix, it will take some time for you to get back into the game. A further strategy you could try is to avoid using Bomb and Recon Drones. Many users have claimed that utilizing certain drones causes the issue to be activated, rendering them immobile in the game.

To continue playing the game without interruption, there is nothing you can do but dodge the Drones.

3. Do not revive players

This issue also arises frequently for Warzone 2 gamers when trying to resuscitate other players. Hence, in this situation, it would be best for you to refrain from reviving your teammates so that you can finish the game unhindered.

The team’s relationship may suffer as a result of this practice, but it is the only way to get around the «Warzone 2 can’t move in-game» problem. You can try some of the additional solutions listed below, though.

4. Let the enemy to hit you

The Warzone can’t move in game problem can also be fixed by being struck down by foes. Numerous gamers who become trapped in the game have reported that after being knocked by adversaries, they were able to move once more.

In order to get this problem solved, you can also request that your friends or teammates bomb you. This will cause you to be knocked out and then recovered.

5. Await the official announcement

The company that owns this game, Infinity Ward, is aware of the issue and tweeted that they are working to immediately investigate and fix it.

As a result, there are presently no other options; you can only wait and keep playing the game by applying the aforementioned updates.


Why is my Warzone 2 keep crashing?

There may be a number of causes, including out-of-date GPU drivers, damaged game files, or unsupported computers. Check each one of them before attempting to launch Warzone 2 once more.

How to fix scan and repair errors in Warzone 2?

You should run Warzone 2 as an Administrator and check whether you fix the scan and repair error. If not, verify the game files if they’re corrupted, for steam – Library > Right-click on the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files; for Library > Cogwheel beside the play button of the Game > Scan and Repair > Begin Scan.

What is the best NVIDIA driver for Warzone 2?

526.86 is the optimal and top-notch NVIDIA driver for Warzone 2.

How to know if Warzone 2 is Down?

If the game has any troubles or is briefly unavailable, you can check Activision Support’s official Twitter account for updates.

How can I improve the COD Connection?

It would be best to improve your plan for a better Internet connection, therefore switch off the router and restart it. The best course of action is to switch from WiFi to an Ethernet connection.


The Warzone 2 can’t move in game error could be fixed by doing a couple of the steps listed above. You should have been able to solve the issue. Feel free to post your concerns in the comments section below if you continue to experience issues.

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