Maja The Dark Savant location and fight guide in V Rising

Maja The Dark Savant location and fight guide in V Rising

The location of Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising and instructions for taking him down are provided in this tutorial. You are aware that the world of V Rising has been redesigned and enlarged as a result of the most recent Secrets Of Gloomrot update. In order to get access to new sets of spells and abilities, players must battle new, enigmatic creatures that lurk across the Vardoran regions.

13 new V Blood Carriers have been added to the game with this update, and they may be found in various levels and areas of the game. Maja The Dark Savant is one such V Blood carrier in the game that players would want to go to and encounter. After defeating Maja, players can upgrade the Research Desk in their castle by unlocking The Study structure.

Maja the Dark Savant’s Place in V Rising (Location)

maja the dark savant location v rising

Maja sits in the Forbidden Tower, which is perched on a hill, inside a historic library. The Forbidden Tower may be found in the northeastern corner of the Dunley Farmlands, where players can travel. As they reach levels 30-35, players will most likely get access to his territory. Unlike some of the other bosses in the game, Maja waits attentively at her table while conducting research rather than roaming the area. In order to confront her, you must run to the top of the hill and enter the tower.

Getting Rid of Maja The Dark Savant

fight maja the dark savant v rising
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You must properly organize your spells and level up before meeting Maja because she is a Level 47 V Blood Carrier. Although it is not a challenging boss encounter, she has a strong skill set that can cause major harm to you. You’ll need to synchronize your strikes and special powers throughout the encounter.

  • Instead of going at her head-on, it would be wiser to confront her in long-range combat.
  • She keeps moving about the library to evade your direct assaults.
  • She will assault you while she is moving by launching paper projectiles and ink spawns.
  • These strikes are simple to evade if you keep your distance and move around.
  • She will have to build a veil with a strong blast ready to hurt you if you attack her directly in the second part of the battle.

It’s important to note that during her second phase, she has enhanced speed and attack power, which allows her to hurl Ink Spawns your way twice as quickly.

That is all there is to finding and taking down Maja The Dark Savant in V Rising.

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