On May 18, the online Apple shop will launch in Vietnam, however there are currently no physical outlets

On May 18, the online Apple shop will launch in Vietnam, however there are currently no physical outlets

With a comparable tailored buying experience to Apple’s other international stores, the online Apple store in Vietnam will include native and English-language shopping options.

Apple's preview page announcing the online store in Vietnam
  • The product and accessory assortment at the Vietnamese store will be comparable to that of Apple’s international online shops. The Vietnamese store will also include the standard services provided by Apple, such as free delivery, trade-ins, and more.
  • Consumers will be able to access the future store through either the official Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad or through apple.com/vn/shop/.

On May 23, Apple’s online shop opens in Vietnam.

According to the announcement posted in the Apple Newsroom, retail executive Deirdre O’Brien said that Apple was «very delighted» to be able to help consumers and that it was an honor to bring the online shop to Vietnam.

Machine translation of the content reads, «With the online shop, customers in Vietnam can now explore many of our amazing product lines and services, engage with knowledgeable specialists, and experience Apple’s quintessence more than ever before.»

Excellent customer assistance is one of Apple’s retail business’s defining characteristics. In that aspect, the Vietnamese shop shouldn’t let you down.

Apple claims that the shop would help regional customers and have a team of professionals «who are always ready to share their professional knowledge in Vietnamese.» Several of Cupertino’s retail products, like the recently released iPhone video shopping, won’t, however, be accessible in Vietnam at first.

In Vietnam, when will Apple open physical locations?

Apple's Vietnamese online store in Safari announcing the opening on May 23

Given that Vietnamese customers were historically assisted by experts and service providers from outside sources, this is a huge change.

Tim Cook, the company’s current CEO, revealed on an earnings call that the Asia Pacific market segment had an increase in sales in the three months ending in March 2023. The switcher and first-time buyer figures there for India, he said, «look very excellent there.»

Two important new stores for the iPhone manufacturer have just opened in India. It should come as no surprise that Apple has created a physical retail presence in India given the planned Vietnamese store’s confirmation that the business is banking on growth in emerging economies. Apple hasn’t yet established physical stores in Vietnam, though.

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