Team Fortress 2: Valve is working on a major update

Team Fortress 2: Valve is working on a major update

Valve is announcing (finally) a big content update for Team Fortress 2, a very welcome surprise for the community.

Some licenses or some games are so popular, so cult that many years after their release, players dream of a new opus, and sometimes even just new content. Or change. In short, some are willing to do anything to immerse themselves in their favorite games again. Valve has made an announcement that should please: the studio is working on Team Fortress 2.

Valve announces (finally) a big content update for Team Fortress 2

After years of neglect, Valve is finally preparing a major update for Team Fortress 2. Most recently, the studio published a rare post on the official TF2 blog asking the community to submit new content to the Steam Workshop before May 1st. “Last Team Fortress summer events were just item updates. But this year we plan to release an update worthy of the name – with items, maps, unusual effects, warpaints and God knows what else?!”, – we read in particular.

Nice surprise for the community

If we take that into account, this “nameless, unthemed, yet so exciting summer (and yet not summer) update”that Valve has planned will be the first major TF2 content update since the Jungle Inferno update, which dates back to 2017. for the 10th anniversary of the game. Since then, Valve has released minor updates, including to address the issue of bots making the game nearly impossible to play, but adding content has been very rare.

In any case, this should please lovers of the license. At the moment, this announcement is still very vague, but we’ll find out more in the coming months. Patience!

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