The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Weapon Modifiers Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Weapon Modifiers Guide

You might be wondering what Weapon Modifiers are and how to obtain one if you’re new to Tears of the Kingdom. Simply put, until your weapon breaks, the modifiers increase your weapon’s stats. The identical mechanic was previously used in Zelda BotW and was thought to be rather helpful. Unfortunately, many of the modifiers were nerfed because of their very strong effect. The number of weapon modifiers in The Legend of Zelda: The Two Triads made the gamers ponder.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, how many different weapon modifiers are there?

Weapon Modifiers Guide In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom totk
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Five weapon modifiers have so far been discovered in Tears of the Kingdom. Yet, there could be up to 8 of them in the Zelda BotK. And it’s believed that not every one of them won’t be coming back to the game. We have listed all of the confirmed and prior ones for your reference below.

Weapon Modifiers in Zelda TOTK Are Real

Below are all the confirmed Weapon Modifiers available in Zelda: The Wind Waker.

  • Attack Up: Buffs the attack stat of the weapon
  • Shield Guard Up: Improves durability of the Sheild
  • Quick Charge: Improves speed of Charge attacks
  • Durability Up: Buffs the durability of the weapon
  • Critical Hit: Makes the final combo hit deal critical damage to the opponent

Prior weapon modifications (BotK)

These are the BotK weapon modifications that haven’t yet appeared in TotK. In the event that we come across one, we’ll update this article.

  • Long Throw: Increases the area covered by a thrown weapon.
  • Five Shot Burst: Allows firing 5 arrows in a single hit
  • Quick Shot: Increases the speed of firing arrows

Scroll down for further information if you’re curious in how to get the verified weapons modifiers.

The Tears of the Kingdom: How to Acquire & Equip Weapon Modifiers

How to Get & Equip Weapon Modifiers in TotK modify weapon
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You must locate Rock Octorok in order to obtain and equip Weapon Modifiers to one of your weapons. Typically, this creature can be found in the Marakuguc Shrine’s northwest section. Simply set the weapon in front of it once you’ve located it, and it will draw the weapon in. It will then toss a repaired and modified weapon your way after a short period of time. But if it occurs, be sure to be vigilant because it could harm or even kill you.

You will receive a White level (Basic) modifier upgrade if you give it a weapon without any modifiers attached. But, if you give it a weapon that has a Green (Average) or Blue (Good) upgrade, it might grant you the Gold level (Best) or repair the weapon and grant you a Blue upgrade once again. The color of the weapon’s backdrop in your inventory can be used to determine the level of the weapon modifiers. Furthermore take note that only on Blood Moons can Rock Octorok repair and modify weapons.

The confirmed Weapon Modifiers and their use in Tears of the Kingdom are covered in detail in that sentence.

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